battery park city authority announces community working group to assess bicycle usage on battery park city esplanade and institutes dismount zone at north cove marina

working group to develop recommendations based on public input

the battery park city authority (bpca) today announced a partnership with manhattan community board 1 to convene a working group to solicit feedback and develop recommendations for bicycle usage on the battery park city esplanade. in addition, given the heavy concentration of pedestrians around the north cove marina, bpca is also asking cyclists to dismount their bicycles around the marina to enhance safety for all users.

“the battery park city esplanade is a breathtaking, vibrant public treasure for residents and visitors from across the city,” said bpca president and chief operating officer shari c. hyman. “with our partners at community board 1 and across battery park city we look forward to engaging the community to review bicycle usage on the esplanade, and developing recommendations for the most balanced, effective use of this incredible public space.”

the battery park city esplanade runs the entire length of battery park city along the hudson river – from stuyvesant high school on the north end to historic battery park in the south – offering majestic views of new york harbor, the statue of liberty, and ellis island. gardens line the entire route, along with public art installations at the intersections of albany, rector and west thames streets. as currently configured, the esplanade’s upper walkway is for pedestrians only, while the lower walkway is for all bicycles, skateboards, and rollerblades.

the north cove marina is a bustling open space situated midway on the esplanade, directly behind brookfield place. it provides public access to the waterfront, a sailing school and historic vessels offering river tours, and incredible views of the hudson. starting this week, signage notifying the public of the dismount zone will be placed on the lower level pathway along belvedere park, at the bottom of the ramp approaching north end avenue, and on the south side of the marina near the police memorial (at the bottom of liberty ramp).

“the bpc esplanade is indeed a magnificent public asset that is shared with many users. but in new york city space is always limited and we must find a balance so that residents, workers and visitors can enjoy it,” said anthony notaro, chairperson-elect, manhattan community board 1. “safety must be a priority, no matter if it’s our young children learning to ride a bike, families enjoying the fantastic harbor views, or visitors touring lower manhattan. community board 1 and its bpc committee have long advocated for a thoughtful review of the area and then execution of a clear plan to address the issues of safety and sustainability. we look forward to working with the bpca and all stakeholders in this important effort.”

“residents have requested that an analytical look be made to find ways to accommodate the growth in pedestrian and bicycle traffic, said ninfa segarra, chair, cb1 battery park city committee. “a discussion that weighs the interest of the varied users of the esplanade is timely. we look forward to participating in the community working group and looking at the matter in a more global manner.”

about bpca: the hugh l. carey battery park city authority is a new york state public benefit corporation with a mission to plan, create, coordinate, and maintain a balanced community of commercial, residential, retail, and park space within its designated 92-acre site on the lower west side of manhattan. for more info visit